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Haus der Geschichte Österreich
Since 2018


We built an innovative and interactive framework of history mediation for Haus der Geschichte Österreich (House of Austrian History).

From web design to programming, we created a concept that addresses various themes and incorporates user contributions. We created an educational program that integrates its audience – both online and in the exhibition on site. 
With a duration of nine months, we completed the main project on time in November 2018 and are a supporting partner since.

Our services for Haus der Geschichte Österreich (HdGÖ) include the conception and implementation of the main page as well as all web exhibitions, which are also interactive installations on site. 

The main page provides an extensive knowledge and content database with a modern look. 
Essential components of the site include the web store and the online ticketing system, as well as the automated recording and management of tour guide bookings.

"Bildlandschaften" is a participatory web exhibition, which is also physically accessible as an "interactive desk" on site. It illustrates everyday life in Austria and displays a shared experience of history through images uploaded by users. 

The “multimedia web exhibitions” deal with the collective memory of historical events, such as the fall of the Iron Curtain. Various sub-sites such as, and, encourage users to contribute their videos. Moving images are thus brought together around individually highlighted themes of Austrian history as if in a kaleidoscope. By hidden tag chains the videos are lined up to form a thematic structure. The web features are also displayed as projections in the exhibition.

"Europe of Dictatorships" visualizes the emergence, spread and disintegration of dictatorial and totalitarian regimes in Europe between 1926-1945. The historical changes in the political map of Europe are made accessible through a visual concept of a colorful map. This page is also available in the exhibition via touchscreen. 

On "Postcards", users can create their postcards from a selection of entertaining, historical and contemporary elements. The generated postcards can be sent by e-mail or the Austrian postal service.