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not cancelled


Our founder and CEO, Istvan Szilagyi, conceptualized not cancelled in April 2020 in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic as closed museums, galleries, art fairs, studios and event closures subjected the cultural institutions to a hard test. treat wanted to offer its support to its local art and knowledge clients, which is how not cancelled was born. By providing a digital platform, we enabled our art & knowledge clients to be #closedbutopen and make their planned events #notcancelled. 

After a successful launch in Vienna, we expanded with a Berlin edition, followed by a Paris and a Warsaw iteration with more cities to come! 

With not cancelled, we initiated a new and exciting format to experience art. Our one-week event presents real-time live events - but on the web: virtual tours, live streams, interviews, artist talks and making-of videos provide a look behind the scenes and into the studios of renowned artists and the art world in general.

We designed and created the website, built a user-friendly self-service backend and managed PR and social media. Follow us to stay tuned for the next iteration of not cancelled – find us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter here.